Bags Filters

Rigid Bag Filter

Each filter is constructed using a plastic frame encapsulating layers of fine micro glass fibres, compressed into a type of paper fleece which is made into a tough pleat format with heat melted glue threads. The threads have the double function of pleat separators whilst stabilising the whole filter construction. This minipleat technology optimises the surface area of the filter dramatically increasing its dust holding capacity.


Filter Sleeves

Filter sleeves, bags and multi - pocket elements in a wide variety of woven and needlefelt fabrics, including polyester, homopolymer and high temperature aramid. All these fabrics can be finish treated in a number of ways to aid dust release and prolong bag life. Finishes include singeing, calendering, anti-acid and anti-static, hydrophobic and oleophobic. 

All our fabrics are manufactured to the highest specifications relating to weight, thickness, air permeability, fibre size and thermal stability.

Needle felt Polyester Filter Bags

Needle felt polyester filter bags are used in many industries as they are easy to replace, very versatile and extremely cost effective. They can me manufactured in many different ways including multi-pocket bags, Dalamatic style bags and Round filter sleeves. We keep stock of the most popular sizes and bespoke sizes can be manufactured quickly.

Filter bags are used by many manufactures including Airmaster, Disa, Donaldson, DCE, Wam, Vixen, and others. Please contact us with part numbers or measurements and we will cross reference to our equivalent filters.


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