More information on COSHH

More information on LEV/COSHH Testing

Relevant Legislation / Regulations and Standards

  • Health and Safety At Work Act 1974
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (Fifth Edition) 2002 as amended
  • Guidance Documents: HS(G)258

Frequency of Thorough Examination and Test

As laid down in HS(G)258 Section 10 point 329 the maximum time between tests of LEV systems is set down in COSHH and for most systems this is 14 months. In practice this is normally taken to mean annually. Should the effectiveness of a system degrade between testing due to wear and tear, then thorough examination and testing should be carried out more frequently.


Table 18 HS(G)258
Legal maximum intervals for thorough examination and test of LEV plant used in certain processes

  • Processes in which blasting is carried out in or incidental to the cleaning of metal castings in connection with their manufacture. 1 month
  • Jute cloth manufacture 1 month
  • Processes, other than wet processes, in which metals (other than gold, platinum or iridium) are ground, abraded or polished using mechanical power, in any room for more than 12 hours a week. 6 months
  • Processes giving off dust or fume in which non-ferrous metal casting are produced. 6 months

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