Filtration Media

Cartridge Filtration Media

The filtration media is the heart of any filter, without the correct filtration media a filter will not function as intended. Selecting the correct filter media can be difficult as each site will have its own unique environmental differences. Our years of working with filters have given us the expertise to best calculate the correct filtration media for a given dust and the sites requirements. Please contact us with your requirements for the best advice.

Most of our filters can be installed with the following medias:

Filter Media Quick Referance

Quick Reference Media Guide

G2-F5 Synthetic Filtration Media

We stock rolls of Synthetic Media. These are generally either white in colour or blue and white. Mostly used as pre-filters these can either be supplied by the roll or cut to size. Some typical uses include catering, pharmaceuticals and electronic industries. Individual information sheets are available for our range of synthetic medias.

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