Cartridge Filter Cleaning

  • Save Thousands of Pounds by letting us clean your Filters for reuse.
  • Save Expensive Disposal Costs of Dirty Filters.
  • Eco Friendly, Less Landfill.

How the Injection Cleaning System Works:

The Injection Self-Cleaning System releases compressed shop air through a rotating air jet that is driven up and down in a spiral motion inside the filter cartridge. In order to maintain the cabinet clean, an air pulse system is used to help evacuate larger solid particles from the cabinet. A cleaning cycle lasts for five minutes and is fully automated. The solid pollutants released from the cartridge are captured at the source using a high efficiency cyclone collector,

  • Filter Inner Diameter: 165mm Minimum for inner Diameter
  • Filter Outer Diameter: 500mm Maximum for outer Diameter
  • Filter Height: Up to 1000mm High - closed one end or open at both ends


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