Pleated Cartridge Filters as a Retrofit

Pleated Bag filters feature a unique filter design which can be retrofitted into existing bag collectors, increasing the air volume passing through each bag. The increased air capacity of the filter is due to a greater surface area. The pleated bag features a PU flange at the top and bottom, and has an integrated inner core made of PP. All the filter media used are made of polyester.

These generally fit into modified units and are ideal cartridges for new units. They can be installed either clean side (top loaders) or dirty side (bottom loaders). Can be made in various designs and lengths to compliment the application.  

Top Loaders with Plugs

Top loaders can be supplied with plugs or snap bands to ensure a tight fit.

The advantages are:
- very easy to install & remove
- very stable & the filter area is 2-4 times larger than traditional bags
- open pleat spacing & low consumption of air
- synthetic parts & reduction of downtime & maintenance costs


Bottom loaders are secured into place using a jubilee clip.

For more information or to enquire about these filters please contact us.

Can be installed with a range of medias depending on the application.


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